Motivational Monday: For Every Minute Spent

How many hours do you want to earn?


Motivational Monday: Everything in its Place

Do you have a place for everything?

Motivational Monday: Out of Clutter, Find Simplicity

What does simplicity look like to you?

Motivational Monday: Schedule Your Priorities

Do you schedule your priorities?

Motivational Monday: What Makes you Happy?

Does your list need to be adjusted?


Priorities Series – Part 3: What are you really doing all week?!

KIC – Keep, Improve, or Change!

Part 1 discussed how to get your mind sorted by doing a “brain dump” and working through what is holding you back – a quick and easy way to start your priority discovery journey.

Part 2 focused on a more visually organized way to determine, sort, and complete your (ideally) short-term priorities.

Part 3 is a more time intensive, articulated way to understand where your time really goes and how to be more aware of your choices.


KIC is a method of logging EXACTLY what you do – down to the minute – for a certain amount of time. I recommend at least ONE WEEK to really see the patterns and trends of productivity. We all have really productive, unproductive, and “lost” periods of time. What KIC does is helps you (in journal form) to figure out where you may be making less productive choices and to hopefully choose differently in the future when you determine what your triggers/weaknesses happen to be. You might be one of the lucky ones that have absolutely scheduled themselves to the max with what you deem to be meaningful, productive, and positive! Congratulations!

This post is for the rest of us who never quite understand where the time goes and how we haven’t accomplished all of our hopes and dreams for the week.

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